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“Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside My Informative eBook”

Here’s a sample of some of the great things you’ll learn:

  • I’ve tried every “pick-up line” in the book, and I found out something that I didn’t expect in a million years. In chapter six I’ll explain to you why most “pick up lines” cause you to lose before you begin, and what to do instead.
  • The simple thing you can do at the end of a conversation with a woman that leaves her eagerly waiting for more… and… gets
    HER to make the next call – pg. 56
  • How to give a woman that same feeling of “I have to have him” that she gets from a guy who is rich, famous, or good looking… without being any of those things yourself – pg. 12
  • The thing almost all men do to try to keep a woman interested that actually repels her twice as fast… and often drives her into the arms of another man – pg. 14
  • A proven exercise to develop a stone-cold, unshakable inner confidence that allows you to approach a woman in any situation without getting nervous and without fear of rejection– pg. 26
  • A psychological tactic “regular” guys can use to make a woman ALWAYS choose the mover a guy who is better looking or makes more money – pg. 15
  • 7 things you can you do to dramatically improve your physical appearance OVERNIGHT (The best part is they cost very little in time or money… yet they double the chances of a woman responding positively to you) – pgs. 23 & 24
  • The “mixed signal” women give in the bedroom that throws off 99% of all men… leaving her unsatisfied. Here’s what to do instead. (Hint: It’s not what she says, but what she DOES that matters) – pg. 61
  • How to finally rid yourself FOREVER of those negative “inner demons” that have been sabotaging your success with women your entire life – pg. 28
  • You know that “choked up” feeling you get in your stomach when you see a beautiful woman you want to meet? Here’s a simple exercise you can use “in the field ” to INSTANTLY eliminate all feelings of nervousness and charge yourself with confidence… right there on the spot – pg. 29
  • The 6 things inexperienced guys do that instantly tell a woman they are NEEDY and INSECURE… and ruins their chances with her forever (Here’s what to do instead) – pg. 33
  • I read all the books, went to the seminars, and tried everything. It wasn’t until I did THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. On page 29 I’ll share the single most powerful thing you can do to become more successful at attracting women, and why almost no men do it.
  • How to find and meet the guys who are the true masters essay writer with women and dating and get them to share their closely guarded secrets with you – pg. 30
  • How to pinpoint and strengthen the parts of your personality that make a woman feel attraction for you so you make a lasting impression with every woman you meet – pg. 32
  • 5 things you can do in the crucial first 10 minutes with a woman that instantly let her know you’re “in her league” (When she realizes you’re a “rare catch” she’ll do whatever she can to impress you) – pg. 45
  • The deadly mistake too many men make when trying to sleep with a woman that all but guarantees they end up in “the friend zone” (If you only read one thing in this book, make sure it’s this) – pg. 34
  • What you must do if you want to keep a woman interested in you FOREVER (This is THE KEY to having a long-term relationship with a woman… miss just this one thing and she’ll be on to the next guy before you know it) – pg. 89
  • The 19 personality traits that draw a woman to a man like a magnet. Master just 3 or 4 and you’ll have an advantage over most men. Master them all and no woman will be able to say no to you. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily – pgs. 37-40
  • “The Flake Test” – A simple tactic to use when setting up a date that cuts the chances of a woman “standing you up” down to ZERO – pg. 83
  • How and why women TEST men… plus… a fantastic way to effortlessly pass every test she throws at you… even if you have NO IDEA that you are being tested! (The best part is she’ll become MORE attracted to you each time, because you’ll be earning her respect instead of losing it) – pg. 43
  • The 4 laws of “unpredictability” and “excitement” – What “bad boys” do to give a woman that addictive rush of adrenaline that keeps her coming back for more (Follow these 4 simple rules and you’ll never have to worry about her losing interest in you… or losing her to another man) – pg. 43
  • You can use the internet to meet women just like you’ve used the internet to find this site. In chapter seven, I’ll show you the EASY way to meet more women—right from the comfort of your home.
  • The right way to respond when a woman complains about something (Handle this awkward situation wrong and you’re dust. Here’s how to calm her down and increase her attraction for you at the same time! I love this one…) – pg. 44
  • Why the so-called dating “experts” are dead wrong in their ridiculous theories of “rapport” – Here’s how you can create a powerful, instant connection with a woman by doing the exact opposite of what these “wannabe gurus” tell you – pgs. 45 & 46
  • The 9 words that make a woman feel totally comfortable coming back to your place… even if it’s the very first time you are together – pg. 87
  • What to do when a w0man tries to play “head games” with you that quickly makes her stop and instead focus on impressing you (One of my favorites!) – pg. 46
  • My secret hand holding technique you can use to give a woman “mixed signals” that make her curious and excited about you – pg. 49
  • 3 ways to “tease” a woman that—when used together—build up a powerful “sexual tension” that gives her no choice but to make an aggressive sexual advance towards you – pgs. 49-51
  • The 4 things you absolutely MUST do before having a woman over to your house (Most guys miss this entirely… and end up paying for it when she turns and walks out the door) – pg. 70
  • A fantastic way to strike up a conversation with a woman in a bar or a nightclub that works EVERY TIME – pg. 53
  • The REAL reason why many women are addicted to drama (soap operas, romance novels, and of course, playing games with men) and how you can use this to make her positively addicted to YOU from the moment you meet – pg. 11
  • A simple, 7-part mini course that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to develop an amazing sense of humor FAST… even if you’ve always been the last guy to get a joke – pgs. 53-55
  • Most men are not very good at reading female body language. In chapter four I’ll show you how to read body language that most men DON’T EVEN KNOW EXISTS.
  • How to turn the tables on a woman who is playing “head games” with you and use those same games to make HER want you more! (And the best part is that women LOVE when you do this) – pg. 56
  • How to get a woman incredibly turned on in the first 15 minutes she spends at your place… without ever touching her! (This will drive her THROUGH THE ROOF with anticipation… don’t be surprised if SHE makes the first move) – pgs. 87-88
  • Why most guys actually shoot themselves in the foot when they compliment a woman… Here’s the crucial thing you need to do differently if you want to get results – pg. 58
  • How to use your body language to project unshakable confidence and MASCULINE POWER that makes you appear more desirable than any other man in the room (Your friends will never figure out why the women keep coming up to YOU instead of them) – pg. 64
  • An eye contact secret of the “players” you can use to captivate a woman from across the room… even if she catches you by surprise – pg. 65
  • The “big secret” no relationship book will ever tell you about woman’s body language (This will help you advance things with a woman TWICE as fast) – pg. 66
  • Here’s one of my favorites! – How to make a woman believe that it’s her that’s “picking up” on you (I know, this one sounds pretty out there, but I do it ALL THE TIME—and women love it!) and I’ll tell you exactly how I do it on page 71.
  • My special secret to turning any phone conversation with a woman into a steamy erotic encounter that makes her want to hang up the receiver… and run straight over to your house! – pg. 67
  • A simple phrase you can say to a woman that makes her see you as a “psychic powerhouse” who knows every little thing about her… and more importantly… how to please her – pg. 11
  • How to use chivalry to sweep a woman off her feet (This is the one secret women wishall men knew… but unfortunately it can’t be found anywhere else) – pg. 72
  • My favorite “never fail” way to start a conversation with a woman that works EVEN BETTER on very attractive women (The best part is it gets HER doing the talking… while you just sit back and listen) – pg. 77
  • My proven 10-step formula for meeting women online that you can learn in 5 minutes and start using right away (Don’t be surprised when your friends interrogate you to find out where they are all coming from) – pg. 79
  • A “why didn’t I think of that” way to easily find and meet a woman who is exactly what YOU are looking for – pg. 35
  • A simple psychological secret that makes a woman TWICE as likely to give you her phone number and email address – pg. 81
  • What to say to a woman when she’s writing her phone number down that guarantees she gives you THE REAL DIGITS … and… a number she actually answers – pg 81
  • My proven step-by-step sequence for turning a woman’s phone number into a date… exactly when to call and what to say to GUARANTEE you see her again – pgs. 82-84
  • On page 21 I’ll explain how to dress and groom yourself (inexpensively) to attract the woman or women that you want – I even give you specific clothing and cologne recommendations.
  • A psychological secret you can use to guarantee a woman will ALWAYS return your phone calls… and fast – pg. 83
  • The 9-word phrase you can say at the end of a phone conversation that sets you up as the biggest “challenge” she’s had in her entire life! (Don’t be surprised if she tries to seduce you when she sees you in person… seriously) – pg. 84
  • Why women turn to certain men for dinners and dates and other men for sex (Here’s how YOU can turn the tables and always be the one who makes the choice) – pg. 82
  • A strategic move that sets any date off right by putting HER in the position to try to impress YOU – pg. 82
  • Most guys I know don’t know how to get the confidence to meet women. In chapter two, I’ll teach you how to fix your self-image so you can have the confidence to meet women in any situation.
  • What to say when a woman asks you a “loaded” question to smoothly and easily avoid it altogether – pg. 62
  • Everyone knows that women love men who make them laugh. Would you believe that I took the time to study comedy so I could attract women? In chapter four, I’ll tell you exactly how to become funnier— and I even give you a set of exact lines to use during conversation to make women laugh hysterically – pg. 50
  • My 10-step first date “formula” that GUARANTEES a great time (Most guys mess this up and never end up seeing the girl again… Use this strategy to build her interest to the point where SHE is the one calling YOU because she can’t wait to see you again) – pgs. 85 & 86
  • 10 years of studying psychology and behavior has taught me a lot about people. In chapter one, I’ll give you a specific map of the female mind and how women think, so you can know exactly what you’re dealing with.
  • Would you like to know how to attract beautiful women without the benefit of looks or money? I thought so. Starting on page 29, I go into detail and explain exactly how to do it.
  • 3 ways “bad boys” use the power of “mixed messages” to drive a woman wild with curiosity and excitement – pg. 58
  • I’ll also teach you all of the basics of how to deal with women, from the first conversation to the bedroom (This is important, as most men have at least ONE area that they’re weak in… I explain it all)
  • And much, much, much more…

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When you invest in this eBook right now, you’ll also get three companion eBooklets that I’ve written containing my NEWEST material… bridgesebookIn the first bonus booklet, “Bridges — How To Go From One Step To The Next… From The Very First Meeting To The Bedroom” I address one of the biggest problems that men have: They don’t know what to do next!

I’ve had so many guys write me or say to me in person: “I started talking to her, but I didn’t know what to do NEXT” or “We were out on a date, and I wanted to take her home, but I didn’t know what to do NEXT.” I’ll teach you:

  • Simple, step-by-step plans for EACH of the 10 critical moments when a woman decides whether or not to reject a man (Most guys screw up at least one and end up losing her FOREVER)
  • A simple tip that makes a woman you’ve never met friendly and open to having a conversation with you
  • The secret to using a compliment to start a conversation with a woman (Most men fail here because attractive women have heard them all… but it won’t matter when you do this)
  • My proven, 2-step sequence for getting a woman’s phone number that NEVER fails
  • The 2 sentences you MUST SAY when asking a woman out… if you want to hear an excited “YES!” (The best part about this is that it builds her curiosity and leaves her dying to see you)
  • The CRUCIAL thing you must do the first time you go out with a woman that 99 out of 100 men miss entirely (This will instantly separate you from the pack and put you on her “hot” list)
  • The easiest and most comfortable way there is to break the “touch” barrier and pave your way to getting physical with a woman (The first move is usually the hardest… but not when you do this)
  • A guaranteed way to avoid making the embarrassing and all-too-common mistake of trying to kiss a woman at the wrong time
  • 4 powerful sexual moves that trigger instant animalistic urges in a woman and make her think you’re a sexual god… BEFORE you even take her clothes off
  • 8 words you can say to a woman right before you take her clothes off that all but guarantee she won’t resist your advances
  • How to “challenge” a woman in the bedroom and have her literally begging you to have your way with her (One of my all-time favorites!)

Inside this condensed report, I summarize some of my best ideas in an easy-to-use format that can help you overcome whatever obstacle you’re facing. sex-secrets-ebook

In the second bonus booklet, “Intimacy Secrets With Women — How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted”I’ll show you the secrets of how to bring out the intimate side of any woman.
The fact is that women want to be intimate as much as men – it’s just that most men don’t know how to bring out this side.

<p”>You’ll learn:

  • The shocking truth about how to REALLY turn a woman on sexually (What you can ignore… and what you cannot afford to miss)
  • How to turn her on using only your voice and words
  • The 4 things that cause instant sexual arousal in a woman (Hint: “Good looks” is NOT on this list)
  • A secret way to touch a woman that electrifies her skin and gives her goose bumps all over
  • A HUGE mistake men make when kissing a woman that turns her off completely
  • How to use “light” kisses to give a woman an up and down rollercoaster of sexual urges that finally take control of her mind and FORCE her to attack you
  • Most guys don’t realize that romance can actually KILL sexual attraction when used the wrong way. Here’s how to use “sensual romance” that never fails to turn a woman on
  • A simple but powerful technique that forces a woman to think about YOU and only you the entire time you are together
  • How to use a blindfold to drive a woman crazy with sexual excitement! (Women LOVE this one when you do it right)
  • How to take advantage of a subtle difference in the way men and women are programmed to give a woman the most intense orgasm she’s EVER experienced… or will again (Unless she’s with you)
  • How to drive a woman wild by NOT touching her where she expects it (She’ll be addicted to you forever because you are different than the rest of the guys)
  • Why your NOSE can be your most powerful sexual weapon
  • The right way and the wrong way to talk dirty to a woman (Most guys don’t know how to do this and skip it altogether… leaving a woman VERY disappointed. Here’s how to use your voice to take her experience to the next level)
  • Why most guys get shot down right before they go “all the way” (Hint: If you do theopposite, she won’t be able to resist you)
  • My proven 9-step method to taking a woman from warm to sizzling hot in a manner of minutes (It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally figured out a sequence that NO woman can resist. You’re going to LOVE this one)
  • How to get HER to show you the absolute best way to please her orally (Most women never even DREAM that a man can make her feel this good)
  • The secret to getting any woman to instantly know the best way to please YOU orally (You’ll feel like she can read your mind when you do this)
  • My top secret “9:1” technique that makes a woman gasp with pleasures she’s never felt before
  • A simple step-by-step method to smoothly and comfortably move a woman into ANY position you can imagine
  • Did you know that there are five different things you can do that will INSTANTLY get a woman aroused to the point where she’s almost PARALYZED from being so turned on? It took me over three years to find these five things – but your woman will be thrilled that you know them.

8-personality-ebookIn the third bonus booklet, “The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women” I explain the eight personality types that women are naturally attracted to – and the ones that repel women like bad breath.

This is completely new material, and every guy that I’ve shared this with is amazed at what they learn from it.This booklet will show you:

  • The magic personality traits of the most successful men that attract women like a magnet
  • How to begin every new encounter with a woman so that you don’t become “just a friend”
  • Why women are ready to have sex with some men as soon as they meet them…and how to flip her inner “psychological triggers” that tell her right away YOU are one of these men
  • The big mistake men make that forces women to put them on a “waiting list” for sex (A place from which there is often no escape)
  • The deadly mistakes men make that trigger an “automatic” response inside of a woman that subconsciously prevent her from sleeping with him
  • The REAL reason women love “bad boys” (You won’t find this shocking secret in any typical “relationship” book)
  • Why women let “bad boys” get away with almost ANYTHING… and how to use this secret to get a woman to overlook any mistake you might make
  • How certain “naturals” are able to date several women at once… and amazingly, the women are totally ok with it
  • The big mistake “successful” men make that causes a woman to hold off on sex… often for months
  • The specific type of woman that is most likely to date an older man (Hint: It’s NOT what you think)
  • Exactly what a “regular” guy needs to do immediately to make himself more attractive to women and avoid being taken advantage of
  • How to set up your relationship with a woman so that you always have the upper hand (Warning: Mess this one up and you can NEVER go back)
  • The secrets of why some men enjoy one beautiful woman after another – while most go without

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When I was first starting on the path to success with women and dating, one of the single most important things that I did was to find, meet and learn from guys who were already having the kind of success that I wanted.

Sure… I put in a lot of hard work and dedication on my own… but my biggest breakthroughs came from learning and observing guys who were “the best…” and finding out just what exactly they did that made them so much more successful than the rest of us.

Surprisingly, many of the guys I found to be the very best with women weren’t all that handsome, and certainly weren’t rich (in fact, some were just over broke!).

I believed that if these guys could do it, then so could I… if I knew the secrets. And it turned out I was right.

Learning from other guys is vitally important… I can’t tell you how many YEARS of time and effort this cut off of my learning curve… or even if I would have EVER reached success without taking this vital step.

Because this is so important, I’ve begun tracking down as many of these masters as I can to get them to “spill their guts” for the benefit of all mankind. Every month I do a live audio interview with a guy that is VERY successful with women.

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Whatever happens, you’ll use this reference library constantly as you’re learning how to be successful with women.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Here’s a recap of what you’re going to get:

1. “Double Your Dating” The reference manual for how to be successful with women
2. “Bridges — How To Go From One Step To The Next… From The Very First Meeting To The Bedroom”
3. “The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women”
4. Intimacy Secrets With Women — How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted”
5. A free BONUS interview from my Interviews With Dating Gurus monthly interview series

The Double Your Dating eBook, plus the bonus ebooks are worth over $109.97. Plus the FREE CD Bonus worth $20. For a TOTAL of about $130! And you’ll get all of them for FREE, just for TRYING my eBook…

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The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened?

I have one final thought to share with you.

After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future.

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Quotes From Double Your Dating Readers…

I have two dates lined up for the next week… These women are hot!

– J.K. from Portland, OR

*Results May Vary

This is awesome! It worked. I went to the beach yesterday, and I got 2 e-mail address/phone #’s…

– S.D. from Los Angeles, CA

*Results May Vary

I am having a blast being single for the first time since high school and early college. You da man, babe…

– J.F. from Pocatello, ID

*Results May Vary

I have finished the book (2, maybe 3 times!)… I want to tell you something. And I want you to really hear this. Thank you. This has really opened my eyes! I am seeing this whole ‘dealing with women’ thing in a completely new light! I am acting more relaxed, confident, and self assured with women than I ever have before. I have had more conversations with women in the past week than in the past 6 months. It has been over a year and a half since I split with my ex-wife, and I have not had a single date since. But now, I have two dates lined up for the next week. With two different women! And not just any women, either. These women are hot!… Let me say it again: Thank you. By the way, there were a few times I busted up laughing at some of the suggestions you gave. It’s not only good advice, but makes for an excellent read!…

– J.K. from Portland, OR

*Results May Vary

Dave, I have been looking over your Double your Dating E-book at my leisure and it’s really good stuff. I have always known that I was a shy guy and feared the rejection part that “could” take place while approaching a woman. After only reading about half of your book I realized I didn’t need to fear rejection, I just need to get out there and do it. I began practicing some of your CandF techniques and I began to meet more women and get some phone numbers along the way so life was great. I couldn’t believe what happened next. I was at the gas station and met this woman. We started talking it up and I was using your CandF techniques. Eventually we exchanged numbers and went on our way. I waited a few days to call and when I finally did, she told me she was just thinking about me and was about to call. I responded with, “All the girls say that,” which got a huge laugh out of her. Anyway, we set up a time to meet later that night and go out for a drink. The whole time I kept acting as if I was semi interested but never really acting “totally” interested. I kept the conversation light and funny and she kept on laughing and coming back for more. I told her I had some where to be in about an hour so we had to get going and then I was totally blown away when she asked if I would like to hang out at her place and get a massage until it was time for me to go. I accepted and lets just say, I received more than a back massage in that 1 hour time span. I just want to say thank you Dave, and would like to share the story with others to encourage them to get out there and forget all their fears.

– M.L. from California

*Results May Vary

Dave, I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart (and other places!) I know that you’re not really a relationship coach, but your course helped me win my ex-girlfriend back after I messed up in a major way (I fooled around with her sister!) Anyway, at that point, I figured that my girlfriend Amy would never even talk to me again, she was that pissed off (apparently, fooling around with your GF’s sister is a big no-no in the girl code). So I decided to move on, order your DYD book, and follow the advice in there. I am an attractive, cool, successful, naturally outgoing 33 year old musician, so the c+f came naturally to me. I focused more on the funny, with just enough cocky to give me an edge. Needless to say, I was a big hit with the ladies, and started “parallel dating” a few of the hotties. Well, A. (the ex) found out about this, and suddenly became interested in me again. Instead of turning into a needy wussbag (which I would have done before) when I talked to her, I busted on her, teased the hell out of her, made her laugh, and acted like I didn’t give a crap that we broke up (even though, in reality, I was heartbroken about it). So, to make a long story short, A. and I got back together and have a better relationship than we ever had before. She’s even cool with me occasionally seeing other women (just not her sister) and just wants me to be happy. I can’t thank you enough man. This girl is the love of my life, and I thought that I had lost her forever. Thanks to your book, I am head-over-heals in love again, and happy as a pig in sh#*! To all the gentlemen who may be reading this who have not ordered the book yet, what the hell is your problem? Get it! It may just change your life. Peace out. PS (I read several books about how to win your ex back, but David’s book was the only one that actually worked

– J.B. from Ohio

*Results May Vary

I just read your whole book last night, and I never felt so enlightened in all my life. There were so many things in it I realized before, but I never believed before I read your book. Then I thought about it and realized that way you said guys should act is the exact same way my friends who score a lot act. Thanks a lot for writing it, if you are ever in Pittsburgh I’ll buy you a beer (but no kissing)…

– J.F.B. from Pittsburgh, PA

*Results May Vary

David here is my story: So here I was at a strip club, I know BAD, but I was with a friend for a function. I was just sitting there, facing away from “sniffers” row and had a curious look on my face, the one eyebrow up look, and I had this girl come up to me. She pulled me away for a private dance and after the song was over she asked me if it was good. I said, “Well I could have done better.” She then asked why did I have the curious look on my face, are you someone important? I replied with, “I am very important, probably the most important man you will ever meet. What do you do,” she asked. “Well I have it figured out, you are Generation XXX not Gen X or Y, but Gen XXX,” I said. She snickered and still wanted to know what I did. I said, “Wouldn’t you like to know, so you can tell all of your friends you gave this hottie who was a … a private dance.” She wanted me I could tell and I had been in the private room for 3 songs, so I got up to leave and she didn’t want me to go, “Don’t worry, everything I have given you so far is free” I looked down at my watch and said I had to go and I gave her a business card with my cell number on it and told her to call me. I went back out to my friend and he asked how was it, and said I was gone forever. I said it was all free and he was shocked. It was about closing time and since my friend drove I was waiting on him. He said it was time to go and just as we were getting up that girl I got free things from said just wait. The bar closed and she came over with 4 of her friends. She then took me by the waist and pulled me out the back door to her car. Her, her four friends, and I went to her place. She again asked me what I did and told me that for every word I would say, her friends and her would do something kinky (this was a test). I didn’t tell her anything about my job but all I can say is that I had a Cinco-some or 5-some in English. She now calls me every other weekend and still wants to find out about what I do, and to hook up with Mr. Sexy, ME. I haven’t told her and I don’t plan on telling her, the anticipation is getting to her. I would have been just like the rest of those wuss bags in there if it wasn’t for the techniques I learned from Double Your Dating.

– J.W. from Ames, IA

*Results May Vary

…Preface: I just wanted to tell you Dave how much I admire the strong ethics and high standards you brought to your teachings. The diversity of your readings shows me you leave no stone unturned, and when I discovered you had read “The Rules” a book written for women, to extract knowledge from it, I then knew unequivocally you were a bad ass researcher. May your open mindedness and pursuit of excellence never cease, because it has inspired and changed me. I thank you.

My story: For most of my life, I allowed a mental pattern of being shy toward women to dominate my mindset. After finishing the book I knew what I had to do about it, I had to change my thinking, and I knew I had to rewire my subconscious programming of limiting beliefs. Using the techniques Dave suggested, I started on that immediately, but in the meantime I was anxious to try out the other tools I learned from the book, so I used them on the Internet where I previously had pretty dismal results from women.

At this time I’m seeing three different women. I feel like Hugh Hefner because previously I only ever saw one woman at a time and that was on rare occasions when I was lucky enough to find a date. I bought the book expecting to get tips on becoming better with women. To my surprise and delight, the book not only did that, but showed me that it’s all tied into being a better man. I do affirmations everyday and I like myself now. I didn’t before and what’s worse, I didn’t know that I didn’t. I began taking inventory of my thoughts, and observing myself 24/7. After doing the affirmations, something remarkable happened…I started avoiding those things that made me not like myself, and I started doing those things that made me like myself more. And guess what? The more I liked myself, the more the fear I had of women started to go away. Thanks Dave!

– G.B. from Las Vegas, NV

*Results May Vary

This book should be required reading for all men before they’re allowed to talk to women. The more that I use the attitude and tips that you wrote in your book, the more women respond to me. It’s amazing. Who knew that you could actually learn to be more successful with women from a book? And your two bonus reports are truly amazing. They are probably the most profound insights about meeting women that I’ve ever seen or heard of…

– R.M. from San Diego, CA

*Results May Vary

Hows it going man? I’m reading your book and its absolutely awesome!! You’re one cool guy, a ‘courageous genius’… here’s what i think about your book basically… Once you read this book and put it to use, women lose their power and you gain everything!! Brave and brilliant… blows away all mysteries and finally answers the question (for me anyways)… what women really want… That’s really it summed up for me. David, well done… you should be crowned as an admirable prince amongst men…

– N.B. from Ireland

*Results May Vary

Wow. The hardest part of the relationship for me was the initial contact and up to first date. You illustrated the weaknesses in my initial approach, subsequently increasing the frequency of action. I am having a blast being single for the first time since high school and early college. You da man, babe…

– J.F. from Pocatello, ID

*Results May Vary

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